Nomination and Selection Process

Nominations for 2022 class closed on 9/19/22.

To be selected for the Amateur Sports Hall of Fame, a player must have been an active participant whose playing days have terminated for a minimum of three (3) years effective January 1 of the proposed year. The three-year clause will be waived in the case of lifetime sports such as tennis, golf, slow pitch softball, managers/coaches, game officials and anyone age 50 or above still actively participating in a category sport.

No minimum playing time is required. However number of seasons is a factor in evaluation. Only certifiable amateur participation in Memphis and Shelby County shall be used as criteria for candidate selection (high school participation may be considered). Definite, factual player information must be presented to the Credentials and Selection Committee before a candidate can be officially accepted. Interviews, scrapbooks, newspaper reports and articles are very essential for accreditation.